Maggam Embroidery Designs Collection

Today I am posting some of my maggam embroidery collections in this Custom Embroidery Designs Collections section.  Be sure to check it often, I have plans to update this section every week.  Hope you all will enjoy my Custom Embroidery Collections using Aari work/Maggam embroidery.

Maggam embroidery in Blouse

Here is a sample of a Custom embroidery for a Kid's blouse (pavadai sattai).  It is made of patchwork, satin stitches, sequins work using chain stitich and kichu-kichu using Aari chain stitch.

Neckline of Kid's blouse using Maggam embroidery

Neckline using Aari satin stitch

Kids Blouse full view (Maggam Embroidery)

Sleeve Edge using Aari work (Maggam designs)


  1. Thanks for your wonderful informative post and i got a good knowledge to read your informational post. custom signs

  2. Nice work ! Can you please explain the aari satin stitch that you have used for the neckline ... How do u get that raised effect in aari ?
    Thanks !

  3. Thank u Padmavathy. For raised effect in aari satin stitch you have to use a cord in the center and do your satin stitch on top of it. It is better to use same color cord so that it won't show out. Hope it will help you.

  4. hi in the sleeve u have used meroon color cloth as a flower design h w did we have to do it pls explain

  5. hi please explain the mirror work in aari embroidery

  6. hi please explain how to stitch this stitch

  7. hi,please
    explain abt maggam stand and how to fix cloth in it